Daily - 10-30 minutes

You will be feeding your 3-6" axolotl every day - a mix of pellets and worms is recommended. You may need to cut worms to about the size of their head until 6" or they will eat a whole worm without cutting.

You will need to remove waste and uneaten food daily using a baster to suck it up and remove it.

At some point, your axolotl will move to eating every 2-3 days. This is different for every axolotl. 


Weekly - ~30 minutes

Once cycled, you only need to test your water parameters weekly or if your axolotl looks ill/behaves irregularly.

You will do a weekly water change of 10-50% depending on nitrate levels. You may need to do one filter maintenance during this time, e.g. cleaning the sponge filter in the old tank water or replacing a single filtration media in the HOB filter. Never do all of these at once, space out each replacement/cleaning weekly. 
Example timeline:
1st week monthly: clean sponge filter in old tank water

2nd week monthly: replace carbon filter

3rd week monthly: clean sponge filter in old tank water

4th week monthly: clean or replace HOB sponge filter (replacement every 2 months)

Daily and Monthly Care Guide